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Human Rights Advocate Mark Heywood Collaborates with Roger Jardine to Form New Political Platform



Mark Heywood

Mark Heywood, renowned human rights and social activist, has officially disclosed his collaboration with former banker Roger Jardine to establish a new political platform. Speaking to Eyewitness News, Heywood highlighted that this initiative presents a crucial opportunity to uplift South Africa from its current challenges and reinstate a vision centred on equality, dignity, human rights, and anti-corruption.

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Heywood, who played a significant role in the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and co-founded Section27, expressed a commitment to building something new for the country. The collaboration with Roger Jardine signals a proactive effort to contribute to South Africa’s political landscape and address pressing issues facing the nation.

This development has sparked speculation about Heywood potentially becoming a presidential candidate for the opposition, underlining the significance of this new political platform in the country’s evolving political dynamics.

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Picture: Facebook / South African Local Government Association (SALGA)

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