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Global Social Media Adoption Surpasses 60%: Recent Study Findings



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According to the latest quarterly report from digital advisory firm Kepios, social media usage has experienced a notable increase of 3.7% over the past year.

The number of social network users is steadily approaching the staggering figure of 5.19 billion individuals, representing approximately 64.5% of the world’s population currently using the internet as reported by Jacarandafm.

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However, significant disparities exist between different regions. In East and Central Africa, only one person out of 11 utilises social media. In contrast, India, now recognised as the world’s most populous nation, boasts a higher figure, with one out of three individuals actively engaging on social platforms.

Furthermore, the amount of time spent on social media has increased overall, with users now dedicating an average of 2 hours and 26 minutes daily to social networking. Yet, once again, notable variations emerge across different countries. Brazilians, for instance, spend an average of 3 hours and 49 minutes daily on social media, while the Japanese allocate less than an hour to these platforms.


On average, each social media user actively maintains seven platforms. Among the favourites, Meta stands out with three of its top apps—WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook—capturing the attention of global users.

In China, the landscape is dominated by three major apps: WeChat, TikTok, and its local version Douyin, showcasing the popularity and influence of these platforms.

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, Twitter, Messenger, and Telegram also secure their positions as significant players, rounding out the list of top social media platforms.

The latest data and insights from Kepios underscore the substantial growth in social media usage worldwide. As different regions and nations display varying levels of engagement and preferences, the social media landscape remains dynamic, providing valuable opportunities and challenges for users and businesses alike.

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