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SANDF Denies Allegations of Torture Squads and Criminal Activities



torture squads

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) categorically refutes recent claims of the existence of torture squads within its ranks engaged in criminal activities, including multiple instances of murder.

According to EWN, Open Secrets, a non-profit organisation, alleged that SANDF members, dating back to 2019, were involved in acts of torture, kidnapping, and murder. The revelation implicated four units within the force: the special forces brigade, military police, defence intelligence, and defence legal services.

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SANDF Chief Rudzani Maphwanya has strongly contested these allegations, urging Open Secrets and individuals with information to present concrete evidence. Maphwanya stressed that, despite publicly shared information, no formal charges have been filed against any individuals or organisations mentioned in the claims.

The denial underscores SANDF’s commitment to due process and calls for a credible and legal investigation.


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