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Armed Gang of Twelve Robs Cash Van in Kwa-Thema Heist



cash van in Kwa-Thema

In a shocking incident, twelve armed men executed a daring cash-in-transit heist, robbing a cash van in Kwa-Thema, along 12th Road, in Deep Level. The targeted van, operated by three security personnel, collided with a silver Mercedes-Benz of unknown registration, triggering the heist. According to Kwa-Thema police spokesperson Constable Nkululeko Magudulela, the suspects, armed with high-calibre firearms, opened fire on the G4S van during the collision.

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The van came to a stop near the Enokuthula Cemetery, where the assailants forced the security personnel out, subsequently detonating explosives to access the undisclosed amount of money. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the incident with all relevant stakeholders engaged.

Source: WATCH: Twelve armed men rob cash van in Kwa-Thema

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Picture: X / Abramjee

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