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Sandton Residents Urged to Tackle Water Leaks for Sustainable Water Conservation



Nithin PA - Sandton Residents Urged to Tackle Water Leaks

Sandton and its neighbouring areas have received a call to action, urging residents to address and repair any water leaks in their plumbing systems, especially during dry seasons. Marcus Monyakeni, a Water and Sanitation Communication Specialist, has emphasised the need for municipalities to proactively address the irregularities contributing to the country’s water loss.

“The primary cause of water loss stems from leaks in municipal infrastructure,” Monyakeni highlighted.

To prevent water shortages during the upcoming winter season, Monyakeni advocates for instilling a culture of water conservation among all consumers, particularly during rainy seasons.

“A significant portion of unaccounted water can be attributed to unrepaired leaks, hence municipalities must prioritise fixing these issues,” he explained.

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Furthermore, Monyakeni suggests that communities should have access to a dedicated toll-free helpline provided by municipalities solely for reporting water leaks.

“When municipalities establish toll-free numbers, communities can actively participate by reporting leaks in their neighbourhoods, thereby acting as vigilant watchdogs for the municipalities,” he added.

In cases where reported leaks are not adequately addressed, Monyakeni advises water users to escalate the matter to the Department of Water and Sanitation through their toll-free number, 0800 200 200.

By proactively addressing water leaks and encouraging community involvement, Sandton and surrounding areas can work towards sustainable water conservation and ensure a reliable water supply for all.

Source: Utilise the remaining water sparingly since rainfall is gradually fading


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