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AfriForum Achieved a Huge win Against Rand Water in the Pretoria High Court!



AfriForum -AfriForum achieved a huge win against Rand Water

On May 10, AfriForum achieved a huge win against Rand Water in the Pretoria High Court! Obtaining an order against Rand Water, along with costs. The issue began in November 2020 when Rand Water decreased water pressure in various areas.

This was due to outstanding debts from the Govan Mbeki Local Municipality. Certain towns, particularly Bethal and Leandra, experienced a severe water shortage, leaving residents without running water for weeks.

AfriForum took action in March 2021 by applying to review the decision to reduce water pressure. The organisation argued that there had been insufficient public participation in the process.

After a prolonged legal battle, Rand Water’s legal team settled, and the high court in Pretoria deemed the decision to lower water pressure invalid and illegal.

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Understanding the urgent need for water in affected communities, AfriForum took proactive steps by establishing emergency water points in Bethal and other impacted towns. Staffed by dedicated volunteers, these emergency water points provided much-needed assistance to residents facing water scarcity at no additional cost.

Hennie Bekker, an AfriForum district coordinator in the Highveld region, emphasised that the organisation is commitment to standing up against the punishment of communities due to mismanagement by state entities and municipalities. He stated that AfriForum would not hesitate to take action if similar measures were implemented in other areas.

This legal victory and the provision of emergency water points demonstrate AfriForum’s dedication to advocating for the welfare and rights of communities affected by inadequate water supply and their determination to hold entities accountable for their actions.

Source: AfriForum wins order against Rand Water’s reduction in water pressure to GMM

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