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SA’s stunning new banknotes and coins: celebrating family bonds, whales, and honey bees!



SA's new banknotes and coins

The South African Reserve Bank has revealed that it will release an upgraded version of the country’s banknotes and coins. According to News24, the new currency has enhanced security features, new plants and animals, and more vibrant colours. The SARB made this change to bring the currency in line with international best practices and to help combat counterfeiting. Even though the new banknotes will have noticeable differences, former president Nelson Mandela and the Big Five will remain on them, and there will be no changes to the denominations or sizes.

The banknotes will now have a preamble to the Constitution, and the South African flag will appear in miniature on the centre threads. The R20 banknote will be brown, the R50 banknote will be purple, and the R200 banknote will be orange. Furthermore, the banknotes’ back will feature the Big Five pictures theme, expanded to incorporate family scenarios depicting both parents and offspring. Watermarks that also feature the Big Five animals will be on the banknotes. The new coins will feature different animal depictions, including the Cape honey bee, the southern right whale, the galjoen, the king protea flower, the bitter aloe, and the Knysna turaco.

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The SARB will circulate the upgraded currency this week, and existing banknotes and coins will remain legal tender. The SARB has enhanced the tactile marks on the banknotes to help visually impaired people differentiate between denominations. The banknotes aim to tell the South African story, featuring aspects such as constitutional democracy and the Big Five. Lesetja Kganyago’s signature will be visible on every banknote, with its unique serial number.

In conclusion, the upgraded banknotes and coins have enhanced security features, new animals and plants, and more vibrant colours. The SARB hopes that the new currency will help in the fight against counterfeiting while telling the story of South Africa.


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