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City of Johannesburg’s shocker – R500k of taxpayer money wasted by council!



Joburg City Council - R500k down the drain

The City of Johannesburg still needs a mayor. Action SA’s National Chairperson, Michael Beaumont, is unhappy with the adjournment of the City’s council meeting scheduled for Tuesday. According to SABC News, the party has claimed that the council wasted almost half a million rand in the failed attempt to elect a new mayor. Still, they have not explained how they arrived at this figure.

Coleen Makhubele, the Speaker of the Council, postponed the voting until Friday due to negotiations between parties that delayed the proceedings. Thapelo Amad resigned from the position last month, and Action SA has been engaging with the FF Plus, the IFP, the ACDP, and the UIM.

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Beaumont believes many expected the delay and criticises the ANC and EFF for disregarding the taxpayers’ money spent to convene 270 councillors for the meeting. He also notes the lack of political leadership in the City, which is causing complex challenges, giving officials free rein, and resulting in no oversight of their actions.

Action SA’s Lerato Ngobeni adds that the postponement is concerning as it has cost taxpayers almost half a million rand to conduct these council meetings and requests the Speaker to exercise her legislative and procreative powers effectively to preside over the council proceedings.


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