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Brackenhurst Heist Foiled: Security Guards Capture Three Armed Robbery Suspects



Security companies catch three suspects offloading stolen goods in Alberton

On Tuesday, security guards apprehended three suspects suspected of armed robbery, hijacking, and housebreaking in Brackenhurst in Ekurhuleni. According to TimesLIVE, the group was caught by Fox Security and CPS Security allegedly offloading goods, including laptops and TV screens, from a vehicle.

Fox Security director Francois Jansen said the guards delivered the trio to the police station in Alberton. “We had quite a few clients complaining regarding hijackings, theft of generators, compressors, fridges, everything like that, and we actually saw the vehicle on a client’s video footage. We got the registration and we loaded it on the system.”

Jansen said security had sent a lookout notice into circulation for the car. “Fortunately a resident saw on one of the groups that we were looking for this vehicle, so he phoned in and said: ‘This vehicle is in the complex at the moment, I am looking at it.’ So we responded there and got the vehicle, as we got there the guys started running. There were two in the house, and they wanted to jump over the balcony. [The security teams] caught them in there and also caught the guy that was at the vehicle.”

He said the car’s licence plates were false. “It has double plates. What they do is rob with one plate and during the day they switch to the other plate so that it doesn’t look like it’s them.”

Jansen said security caught them with stolen items, including a compressor from a car wash.


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Picture: Twitter / TheTruthPanther

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