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Setting Alarm is essential even when running short errands



Cameron Yartz -Setting Alarm is essential even when running short errands

Setting Alarm is essential even when running short errands. Security company Fidelity ADT had urged residents to arm their alarms even when running a quick errand or at home in response to a recent incident where an intruder was caught stealing a solar light in Waterkloof, east of Pretoria.

However, ADT spokesperson Charnel Hattingh says many residents do not service their alarms.

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This has led to cases where alarms did not work, and incidents were only discovered after the fact.

Furthermore, some people do not arm their alarm systems when leaving their homes, even leaving their gates open. To address these issues, Hattingh provided some tips for residents, including regularly testing alarms, teaching children and workers how to use the alarm system, securing perimeters, locking all garden equipment away, being vigilant when arriving or leaving home, never allowing strangers onto the property, and carrying a panic remote at all times when at home.


Source: Set alarm even when out of the house for short errands – security company

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Photo by Cameron Yartz

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