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Westonaria Residents Desperate as Sewage Mess Creates Living Hell




Residents in parts of Westonaria are grappling with a distressing situation as sewage continues to flow at the intersection of Vuurblom and Nerina Street. Locals have described it as a stinking mess and a health hazard. According to Westonaria resident Eleen Swart, this issue has persisted for over three weeks, causing immense difficulties for the community.

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Swart expressed frustration at the lack of attention from the municipality, stating that residents in Westonaria are not being prioritised when it comes to service delivery. The sewage problem has become so severe that cooking has become nearly impossible due to the unbearable stench permeating their homes. Even Huntley Street has not been spared from this troubling situation.

The sewage issue also impacts schoolchildren, as they are forced to jump over the unpleasant mess just to cross the road safely. This highlights the severity of the problem and its impact on daily life in the area.

The Randfontein Herald was alerted to the situation and contacted the Rand West City Local Municipality (RWCLM) for a response. RWCLM spokesperson Phillip Montshiwa acknowledged the issue and assured the community that it is receiving attention. He stated that the matter has been communicated within the municipal WhatsApp complaints group, and they are actively working to resolve it. Montshiwa pledged that the issue would be addressed and resolved by next week.


Source: W’aria residents say life a living hell due to sewage mess

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Photo: Supplied by Randfontein Herald

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