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South African Women’s Football Team Faces World Cup Challenges



South African Women's football team

In preparation for the Women’s Football World Cup in New Zealand and Australia, the South African Women’s football team is set to depart in two groups on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, their journey has been marred by a series of issues as reported by News 9 Live.

On Sunday, the World Cup-bound squad declined their final warm-up match against Botswana. Instead, a make-shift squad was hastily assembled, but their efforts appeared to be merely an attempt to save face.

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Due to a pay dispute between the main team and the governing body, the South African national soccer federation was compelled to field this make-shift squad, comprising relatively unknown players. Additionally, the designated squad raised various concerns, leading to their refusal to participate in the scheduled warm-up match against Botswana.

In an unprecedented move, the South African soccer body, SAFA, had to include a 13-year-old player in the hastily arranged replacement team for the crucial warm-up match ahead of the Women’s Football World Cup. The entire World Cup squad boycotted the match as a form of protest.


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Regrettably, the consequences were evident on the field. The unprepared South African team, unexpectedly thrust into a significant encounter, suffered a resounding 0-5 defeat against Botswana in Johannesburg.

The challenges faced by the South African women’s team before their World Cup departure have raised concerns about their readiness for the upcoming tournament. As they embark on this international journey, overcoming these obstacles will undoubtedly be a priority to compete at their best on the world stage.

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