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Tax Ombud Office Prepared to Address Grievances Against SARS



complaints against SARS

In a commitment to assisting citizens with complaints against SARS, the Office of the Tax Ombud (OTO) stands ready to provide a channel for resolution. According to SANews, Tax Ombud Yanga Mputa emphasised that the OTO does not support taxpayers or businesses attempting to evade their tax responsibilities but instead champions taxpayers’ rights and tax compliance. Mputa addressed the celebration of the Tax Ombud’s 10th anniversary, highlighting its unique role in resolving taxpayer complaints that have yet to find resolution through SARS’s complaints management channels.

Celebrating a decade of impactful work under the theme “10 Years of Making Taxpayers’ Rights Matter,” Mputa stressed the OTO’s crucial role as an independent redress channel for taxpayers who have exhausted traditional SARS complaint mechanisms. The office has played a vital part in improving the country’s tax administration system, saving taxpayers significant amounts and providing hope to those with tax-related grievances. Mputa acknowledged the collaborative efforts of stakeholders in achieving these milestones.

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One of the key commitments of the Office of the Tax Ombud is the ongoing improvement of South Africa’s tax administration system. Defending taxpayer rights is central to maintaining a voluntary compliance/self-assessment tax system. Mputa highlighted the importance of taxpayer confidence in the fairness and integrity of the tax system, noting that a trusting relationship encourages voluntary compliance with tax laws.

In 2022, the OTO took a significant step by publishing the country’s first-ever Compilation of Taxpayers’ Rights, Entitlements, and Obligations. This document outlines taxpayers’ rights and obligations as defined by various laws, including the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, and the Tax Administration Act, 2011. The Tax Ombud continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring administrative justice in taxation and providing a voice for taxpayers in their interactions with SARS.


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