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Tedstoneville Residents Frustrated by Neglected Services and Safety




Tedstoneville residents Ursula Botha and Samantha Graham are expressing their disappointment with their community’s lack of service delivery, emphasising that it has been neglected over the years.

Graham explains, “The area has become unsafe and neglected. Service delivery is non-existent. If we don’t take matters into our own hands, nothing gets done.” Botha and Graham, who have been living in the area for 17 and 30 years, respectively, are disheartened by the deterioration they have witnessed.

During a community meeting held on July 1, residents’ power issues were a major concern. They also expressed frustration about poor maintenance of open spaces, non-functional streetlights, potholes, the absence of traffic signs, illegal connections, illegal dumping, and unaddressed requests to close walkways between Ramaphosa and Tedstoneville.

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Graham calls on the City of Ekurhuleni for assistance and accuses the ward councillor of ignoring the community’s concerns. “The last time we spoke to our councillor was last year. She does not communicate with residents. We take matters into our own hands, but it’s unfair because she should be helping us,” says Graham.


Residents feel unsafe because criminals use the walkway between Ramaphosa and Tedstoneville as an escape route after burglaries. Graham explains, “We are vulnerable. Criminals run into the field, knowing nobody will pursue them. The area is not safe, and illegal dumping attracts undesirables. We’ve implemented safety measures, but they are often insufficient. We need these spaces to be closed off with a wall or fence.”

Botha highlights that many residents in the area are elderly and have lived there for decades. “These are homes to families who have been here for over 30 years,” she says.

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Tedstoneville was also affected by the recent Germiston power outage, but community members were not adequately informed. Graham criticises the lack of communication: “We waited for days, only to discover later that the problem was a substation. The customer center ignored our concerns.”

Illegal connections stemming from backroom dwellings are another issue affecting the residents. Graham reports that these matters are not being addressed despite reporting visible instances.


Years of non-functional streetlights contribute to increased crime, making it easy to become a target on the dark streets. “It’s a risk to be robbed or attacked,” says Graham.

The lack of traffic signs poses a safety concern for children playing in the streets. Botha explains, “Cars speed through, and when we ask drivers to slow down, they claim not to have seen the stop signs. It’s true because some signs are obstructed by overgrown trees.”

Attempts to contact Ward 42 Clr Motloung Tsotang on July 5 and 6 were unsuccessful, indicating a lack of responsiveness from the councillor.

Source: Tedstoneville residents demands service delivery in the area

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