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Joburg Couple Sentenced for R600k TERS Fraud



Joburg Couple Sentenced for R600k TERS Fraud |

Refilwe Kgaje and Isaac Phiri each received a 15-year prison sentence for fraud, with the sentence suspended for five years. The two individuals engaged in unlawful activities by submitting the false names of 95 employees not associated with Pusoloso Engineering Services to the Department of Labour as reported by Jacarandafm.

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In an attempt to exploit the Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) during the Covid-19 pandemic, they fraudulently applied to the department on behalf of these fictitious employees. Phindi Mjonondwana, the NPA’s spokesperson in Gauteng, explained that this deceitful action aimed to defraud the Labour Department.

The fraudsters obtained over R600,000, which was deposited into Phiri’s bank account. However, these funds were not intended for him or the fictitious employees and were not meant to be deposited into his account.

Upon discovering their wrongdoing, the accused voluntarily surrendered to the police after one of the employees they falsely registered attempted to claim the R350 Covid relief grant, leading to their identification as employees of Pusoloso Engineering Services.


Overall, the individuals’ fraudulent actions and subsequent legal consequences are clearly presented in the article, providing a concise account of their deceitful activities and the subsequent actions taken against them by the authorities.

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