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“Fundraising Appeal: ‘Pothole Man’ Seeks Donations to Sustain His Mission



The Pothole Man is asking for donations

The Pothole Man is asking for donations that will allow him to tackle the many potholes in different areas of Randfontein, which have been a continuous problem for motorists. Resident Piet Lottering is making this heartfelt plea to continue his mission of fixing roads across town.

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Lottering, who has been using his funds and local donations to repair the roads, wants to ensure safety for everyone on the road and restore the town to its former glory. He highlighted that he would use the donations to purchase the necessary tar and repair materials.

To support Lottering in his selfless efforts, those willing to donate can reach him at 083 275 8731.

Source: ‘Pothole Man’ asks for donations to continue his mission


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Picture: Facebook / Helen Ceronio Olivier

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