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Thousands of Employees Experience Job Losses in First Quarter



thousands lost jobs in the first quarter

The job market in South Africa has suffered a significant blow. Recent employment figures released by Stats SA reveal thousands lost jobs in the first quarter. It is disheartening to learn that 21,000 jobs were lost during this period, painting a gloomy picture of the employment landscape.

The figures for March 2023 are cause for concern. eNCA reports a massive decline of 97,000 job opportunities compared to the same period in 2022. This sharp drop raises questions about the stability and growth of the job market, impacting the lives of many South Africans who rely on employment for their livelihoods.

Full-time employment is becoming scarce. More individuals have to turn to part-time work for survival. This shift reflects the economic challenges many face as they seek alternative sources of income.

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One contributing factor to these disappointing numbers is the ongoing issue of power cuts. They have severely pressured various sectors of the economy. Businesses struggle to maintain operations, which leads to layoffs and reduced job openings. The ripple effect is felt across industries, worsening the employment situation.


Job losses go beyond statistics, affecting lives and well-being. Losing a job creates financial strain and takes an emotional toll. Individuals face an uncertain future.

Addressing unemployment and fostering job creation should be a top priority. It requires collective efforts and strategic interventions to stimulate economic growth. Initiatives focused on skills development, entrepreneurship, and investment can revitalize the job market and provide prospects for South Africans.

The current employment figures are sad but hope and resilience are essential. South Africans have a spirit of determination and innovation. A brighter future with flourishing employment opportunities can be achieved by working together and implementing effective measures.

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Picture:  Pixabay / Niek Verlaan

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