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Recent fires raise concerns during Pretoria’s fire season



three fires in Pretoria

There have been three fires in Pretoria recently, highlighting the importance of careful fire management during the fire season. According to Enews, residents east of Pretoria reported seeing a large plume of smoke near Delmas Road near Moreletapark on Tuesday afternoon. Ward councillor Henning Viljoen mentioned that Tshwane firefighters were already on the scene when he arrived shortly after receiving the notification. One of the fires originated from a burning illegal dumping site, emphasising the dangers of illegal dumping, including the risk of fires.

Tshwane emergency services confirmed that on the same afternoon, firefighters also attended to fires in Silverton and Nellmapius. These incidents serve as a reminder that the period from April to September is considered fire season, with high winds in August typically exacerbating fires. In response to the dangers posed by fires during this period, Tshwane ESD has issued a no-burn notice from August to September, prohibiting the burning of land and lighting uncontrolled open fires without a permit.

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Deputy Chief Charles Mabaso from Tshwane ESD stressed the need for individuals, organisations, and landowners to apply for a permit to conduct burning activities. The approval for burning will depend on factors such as the Fire Danger Index, weather warnings, and inspections conducted by the Fire Protection Officer. Failure to comply with the city’s by-laws, which prohibit uncontrolled open fires and unauthorised burning of refuse and combustible materials, can result in penalties.

Mabaso advises residents to call the toll-free number 107 or 012 358 6300/6400 in a fire and rescue emergency. For emergency medical or ambulance assistance, the number to call is 112. These measures aim to ensure the safety of residents and minimise the risks associated with fires during the fire season in Pretoria.


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