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Diepsloot residents optimistic about Ramaphosa visit following presidency meeting



Diepsloot residents want the president to visit

Diepsloot residents want the president to visit. There seems to be hope for them as they have been protesting over crime in the area, continuing to call for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s visit to address their concerns.

In response to the escalating crime levels, some residents have taken drastic measures, including torching the homes of suspected criminals and staging violent demonstrations that blocked highways, as per Eyewitness News.

Community leaders who held a meeting with representatives from the Presidency on Wednesday expressed confidence that the long-awaited intervention from the president would be forthcoming.

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The office of the Presidency has assured Diepsloot community leaders that they will receive information regarding the visit of the president and his Cabinet on Monday, including specific time frames.


In the meantime, the Diepsloot Community Forum has urged for additional police deployment to improve the policing situation, highlighting the need for a permanent solution to the ongoing challenges faced by the community.

They have clarified that failure to meet their demands may result in intensified demonstrations.

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Picture: Twitter / Ethel_Khumalo


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