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Timely Renewal of Vehicle Licences Encouraged for Motorists



Timely Renewal of Vehicle Licences Encouraged for Motorists

As September arrives, a pressing issue looms for motor vehicle owners in South Africa, with over a million motor vehicle licenses poised to expire. The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) is urging vehicle owners to renew their licenses to avoid penalties proactively.

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The backdrop to this urgency lies in the extensions that were granted during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a significant backlog of license renewals clustered in August through December. Expressly, a staggering 1,049,412 motor vehicle licenses are set to expire this month and must be renewed by month’s end. Fortunately, there is a grace period of 21 days following the expiry date, during which owners can renew without incurring additional costs. Beyond this grace period, arrears and penalties for late renewal will be enforced, as highlighted by the RTMC.

To streamline this process and aid vehicle owners, the RTMC is taking proactive steps. They dispatch email and SMS reminders to owners whose motor vehicle licenses are nearing expiration each month. In a bid to ensure vehicle owners receive these vital reminders, they are strongly encouraged to keep their email and telephone contact details up-to-date on the portal.

Moreover, the renewal process has been made more convenient and efficient online. Owners can renew their licenses on the same online portal, with the added benefit of having their motor vehicle licenses delivered within a reasonable timeframe of three to five days.


To further reduce the hassles associated with renewals, the RTMC facilitates the process by sending out email reminders and MVL1 forms. Vehicle owners can complete these forms online from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need to stand in queues or waste precious time. Subsequently, they can conveniently make the necessary payment online, after which the courier will dispatch a new motor vehicle license within three to five days.

To take full advantage of this user-friendly and cost-effective renewal method, vehicle owners are encouraged to register their profiles at This process can be completed in five simple steps, and for those who have already registered, the renewal can be finalized in less than 10 minutes. The RTMC aims to simplify and expedite the license renewal process, ensuring vehicle owners can comply with the requirements without undue hassle or penalties.

Source: Motorists urged to renew vehicle licences before they expire

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