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Uber Eats Drivers in South Africa Face Challenges Amid Power Cuts



The severe energy crisis in South Africa is causing significant difficulties for Uber Eats drivers in the country. Power outages render the app inaccessible and lead to connectivity issues, disrupting the drivers’ ability to work efficiently.

One of the major problems drivers encounter during power outages is the malfunctioning of the GPS app. To ensure timely deliveries, drivers have resorted to using alternative navigation tools like Google Maps. However, this has resulted in accusations of fraudulent behaviour by Uber Eats, leading to permanent bans for some drivers as reported by Tech Smart.

Uber maintains that drivers can use the app’s built-in map and Google Maps as long as it does not interfere with the platform’s functionality. However, drivers claim that accessing external GPS tools triggers permanent blocks on the app.

The energy crisis in South Africa has been an ongoing issue for several years. In cities like Johannesburg, power outages can last up to six hours daily, impacting mobile towers and causing service disruptions.

While the Uber Eats map is affected by power outages, Google Maps continues to function effectively, relying on a direct connection to satellites and not dependent on local infrastructure. Consequently, many drivers have turned to Google Maps as an alternative, resulting in conflicts with Uber Eats.


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As a result of the permanent bans imposed by Uber Eats, many drivers have lost their primary source of income. One such case is Lovemore Moyo, who worked as a delivery driver for Uber Eats for five years before being permanently blocked from the platform for using Google Maps on a delivery. Moyo now relies on odd jobs such as gardening to make a living, but he misses Uber Eats’s flexibility.

Numerous drivers in Johannesburg have faced temporary or permanent bans due to delayed deliveries caused by the energy crisis. While customers expect prompt service, Uber Eats is committed to maintaining its usual quality standards. However, this has generated tension and difficulties for the delivery drivers.

Despite the challenges, Uber Eats asserts that it adheres to strict community guidelines and reviews each report fairly and promptly. However, many drivers feel that the platform has ignored their complaints and requests for review. The situation highlights the need for effective communication and resolution to address the concerns of Uber Eats drivers in South Africa during the energy crisis.

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