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VIDEO: Pedestrian Incident – Accident or Planned Heist?




While on her way to work, Nandi Oosthuizen collided with a pedestrian, but she believes there might be more to the accident than meets the eye.

According to Oosthuizen’s account to the Krugersdorp News, the incident occurred on July 11 as she was driving along Voortrekker Road, turning into the service road near a popular restaurant. She stated that she drives cautiously in this area due to the numerous businesses. Oosthuizen noticed a woman on her right but didn’t see the man on the other side until she heard a loud noise and saw him being propelled through the air.

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Immediately, she applied the brakes and stopped to check on the man. He apologised, claiming that he intended to run to a dustbin across the road and was at fault for the collision. Despite not showing visible injuries, the man appeared shaken and traumatised. Oosthuizen’s car suffered damage to the passenger side mirror and a significant dent.

Feeling something was amiss, Oosthuizen shared her experience with the News, cautioning others who might find themselves in a similar situation. She advised not to stop but instead drive to the nearest police station, as she believes this may be a new tactic used in the area for nefarious purposes.


When she reported the incident to the Krugersdorp Police Station, they informed her of receiving more complaints about similar incidents. Individuals deliberately run in front of vehicles to create the appearance of an accident. At the same time, accomplices seize the opportunity to rob or steal the car when the driver stops to check on the pedestrian.

After reviewing surveillance footage from a nearby business, Oosthuizen became convinced that the incident may have been staged. In the footage, she noticed a woman and a man who seemed acquainted on one side while another man stood by a dustbin on the other side. None of them showed concern or approached the injured man after the collision. Oosthuizen also observed the same man later on, casually collecting papers with the other two before leaving together.

Captain Solomon Sibiya advises that, in such situations, drivers should stop and call the police if it is safe. However, if they suspect foul play, it is better to drive directly to the nearest police station. The law requires drivers to stop immediately after an accident and report it to the authorities.

Source: WATCH: Pedestrian steps in front of moving car: Was it an accident or a planned heist?

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