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Ward 132 Councillor Warns of Crisis in Vorna Valley



Vorna Valley

Vorna Valley is currently facing an infrastructure crisis, according to Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe, who urgently calls for a comprehensive infrastructure audit in the area. The councillor, a Section 79 Development Planning Committee member, highlights persistent burst pipes and a failing electricity grid as major issues requiring immediate attention. In a statement, Deppe emphasises the need for the City of Joburg’s Development Planning and Town Planning Department to conduct an urgent audit due to years of continuous and severe burst pipes. The failing electricity grid, crumbling infrastructure, lack of maintenance, and overcapacity compound the challenges faced by Vorna Valley, prompting concerns. Ageing asbestos pipes, with challenging terrain and a steadily increasing population, add to the situation’s complexity.

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Deppe reveals that the Town Planning department has been approving multi-use dwelling applications without ensuring the addition of adequate infrastructure to existing systems. This oversight encompasses the lack of additional dams, stormwater drainage facilities, sewerage pipes and pump houses to support water and waste disposal. Despite continuous warnings from Deppe, the City has not taken effective action. The councillor notes that residents consistently pay increased rates and taxes annually, yet the deterioration of infrastructure persists unchecked. Describing Vorna Valley as being in a crisis, Deppe stresses the necessity for a comprehensive and honest assessment by the City.

In response to the situation, the DA plans to write to the MMC for the Development Planning office, Eunice Mgcina, urging for the necessary audit and swift action. Deppe concludes by asserting that the residents of Vorna Valley deserve better living conditions and well-planned service delivery solutions.

Source: Ward 132 councillor says Vorna Valley is in crisis


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