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Rockville Men’s Forum Set to Launch This Friday



Rockville Men's Forum

Launching this Friday, the Rockville Men’s Forum aims to address long-overdue issues Rockville residents face. One of the forum members, Kenny Nkambule, stressed the urgent need to tackle social problems such as drugs, alcohol, and crime in the Rockville community.

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The forum will launch through a car wash event at Emashop in Phalane Street at Rockville, starting from 07:00. Nkambule encourages community participation, hoping that residents will join hands to address and combat the pressing challenges.

During the launch, residents can also get their cars cleaned, contributing to the forum’s activities and the overall improvement of the community. Interested individuals can contact Kenny Nkambule directly at 076 937 4345 for additional details.

Source: Rockville Men’s Forum to launch on Friday


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