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Twitter Outrage Sparks Over White Woman’s Assassination Comment Targeting Mantashe



white woman was criticised over an assassination comment

A white woman was criticised over an assassination comment on Twitter. The comment suggested that Gwede Mantashe, the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, should be targeted similarly to Chris Hani, a late leader of the South African Communist Party.

The remark emerged in response to a news story highlighting Mantashe’s rejection of a billion-dollar green hydrogen deal. Following the controversy, the woman, Nicole Barlow, deleted the tweet and openly admitted that her comment was distasteful and wrong.

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Calls for action have emerged on social media, with many users condemning Barlow’s statement as unacceptable, urging the involvement of the South African Human Rights Commission and law enforcement authorities. Barlow acknowledged the hypocrisy in criticising EFF leader Julius Malema for inciting violence while engaging in similar behaviour, expressing remorse for her comment.

She attributed her lapse in judgment to frustration with the corruption within the ANC. She emphasised the importance of avoiding contentious exchanges and insults when engaging with adversaries.

Source: Twitter outrage over white woman’s assassination comment targeting Mantashe

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Picture: Twitter / SATruth5

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