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Innovative Approaches to Addressing Spammy, Low-Quality Content on Search Engines



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Google is increasing efforts to improve the quality of Search results and crack down on spammy and low-quality content. They’re updating algorithms and policies to prioritise useful information and reduce irrelevant results. According to Google, these changes aim to combat spammers’ tactics, such as repurposing expired websites and generating obituary spam.

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The focus is refining core ranking systems to identify and minimise unhelpful or low-quality content. By distinguishing between content designed for search engines and content for users, Google aims to reduce the presence of low-quality websites in search results. These updates, building upon previous efforts, are expected to decrease the amount of low-quality, unoriginal content by 40%.

Google also targets various forms of spam, including scaled content abuse, site reputation abuse, and expired domain abuse. These practices involve generating or hosting low-value content to manipulate search rankings. Strengthening spam policies and enforcement measures will help maintain the integrity of search results and ensure that users receive accurate and helpful information.

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