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Top Mobile Networks for Data Performance Unveiled: Which Reigns Supreme in South Africa?



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In the first quarter of the 2024 announcement, MTN made a significant mark in the South African mobile network industry and was the number one mobile network in the region with the best data performance in four major cities. Vodacom performs well in 5G coverage and performance in Johannesburg and the country. However, it still lags behind MTN, which has received an overall quality network award based on the Mobile Network Quality Report issued by MyBroadband Insights. A study was also performed by conducting the drive tests. According to IOL, these were done with the crowdsourced data recorded between January 1st and March 31st, 2024.

MTN topped the list, with a net score of 9.66, followed by Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom, and Rain, with last place with 4.75 points. Factors determining the rankings included download and upload speeds, latency, and overall network quality. MTN demonstrated superior performance in download speeds, achieving 82.48 Mbps, with Vodacom closely trailing at 77.45 Mbps.

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Despite MTN’s dominance in most metropolitan areas, Vodacom emerged as the leader in Johannesburg, indicating varying network performance across different regions. Although ranking third overall, Cell C showcased significant improvements compared to the previous year, particularly in download speeds.

The comprehensive report, drawn from 285,839 samples covering a distance of 13,000km, aimed to provide real-world insights into mobile network performance. MyBroadband underlined the use of smartphones supporting the latest technologies and mid-range devices to ensure the accuracy of the findings. Additionally, measures such as filtering out unnatural results and employing cell down-sampling were undertaken to maintain the report’s reliability and credibility.


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