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OpenAI Delays Release of Voice Assistant Feature for ChatGPT




At a product launch event in May, OpenAI introduced the voice option for GPT-4o, an enhanced version of its GPT-4 model capable of handling text, audio, and images in real time. Originally slated for release to a small group of paid ChatGPT Plus subscribers by late June, the company has decided to extend its timeline by an additional month to refine the model’s capabilities.

Reasons for Delay

In a statement released on Tuesday, OpenAI clarified that the delay is aimed at enhancing the model’s ability to detect and appropriately handle different types of content. This includes improving the user experience and preparing the necessary infrastructure to support millions of users while maintaining real-time responsiveness.

Strategic Considerations

The delay presents a potential setback for OpenAI in its competitive landscape, where other AI companies are also advancing rapidly. The voice feature was expected to significantly enhance ChatGPT’s utility by enabling faster responses and integrating powerful image recognition capabilities for a more dynamic user experience.

Future Rollout Plans

Despite the delay, OpenAI reaffirmed its commitment to introducing the voice feature to all paid subscribers later this year. Additionally, the company is actively working on releasing video and screen-sharing functionalities demonstrated at the May event, with details on timing to be communicated in the future.

Implications for Users

When the voice feature eventually rolls out to select paid users next month, it may initially offer more limited capabilities compared to those showcased at the launch event. For instance, functionalities such as computer-vision-based feedback on activities like dance moves using smartphone cameras may not be immediately available.


OpenAI’s decision reflects its dedication to ensuring a high standard of performance and user safety for its new features. As the company continues to innovate, users can anticipate a more robust and versatile ChatGPT experience in the near future.

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