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SABC+ Experiences Rapid Growth with Removal of Login Credentials



SABC+, the streaming platform introduced by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in 2021, has seen a significant increase in viewership since December 2023. This surge follows the decision to eliminate the requirement for users to log in to access the platform’s content.

Impressive Viewership Growth

Mmoni Seapolelo, the acting group executive of corporate affairs and marketing, revealed that SABC+ garnered 4.6 million unique views between 1-20 June 2024. The removal of login credentials has been a pivotal move, greatly boosting the platform’s accessibility and, consequently, its viewership.

Advertising-Funded Model

SABC+ operates on an advertising-funded video-on-demand (AVOD) model. This allows users to access the platform for free while incorporating advertisements into the viewing experience. Despite exploring other revenue streams, the SABC has clarified that TV license fees will not be applicable to the SABC+ service.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

The platform faced technical difficulties during the Rugby World Cup in September and October 2023, following a last-minute acquisition of sub-licensing rights from SuperSport. The high traffic during the tournament led to crashes, disappointing many viewers. However, subsequent infrastructure and network improvements have resolved these issues, as evidenced by the seamless streaming of the Africa Cup of Nations, which saw over a million views per match.

International Access and Geographic Restrictions

While SABC+ is available to viewers outside South Africa, some content remains geographically restricted due to regulations and content rights. Nevertheless, SABC Radio, SABC News, and SABC Education are fully accessible to international viewers.


Competition and Market Dynamics

The launch of Freevision Play by Sentech, another state-owned entity, has sparked controversy. Michael Markovitz, former SABC executive board member, criticized Sentech for launching a competing platform against SABC+. He argued that the SABC, being Sentech’s biggest client and having endured high tariffs for years, should not have its channels provided to Freevision Play. The dispute over these tariffs is currently headed to the Competition Tribunal.

Investment and Development Needs

Markovitz emphasized that while SABC+ has potential for growth, it requires further investment in development and marketing. He expressed optimism about the platform’s future, highlighting its successful launch.

Partnership with Mangomolo

To scale SABC+, the SABC has partnered with Mangomolo, a UAE-based streaming platform developer. Mangomolo, which manages over a billion streams monthly and serves more than 30 million viewers globally, is assisting in enhancing the technical aspects of SABC+.

Future Prospects

Wissam Sabbagh, founder and CEO of Mangomolo, underscored the collaboration with SABC as an opportunity to deliver new “over the top” (OTT) video experiences in South Africa. He emphasized the importance of connecting broadcasters with their audiences across various devices, particularly as smart device adoption grows across Africa.


SABC+ is poised for continued growth, driven by strategic decisions to enhance accessibility and partnerships aimed at improving technical capabilities. The platform’s success will depend on sustained investment and its ability to navigate a competitive landscape, particularly in light of challenges posed by new entrants like Freevision Play.

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