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Meghan Markle Looks Into Reviving her pre-Harry blog



It appears that Meghan Markle is preparing to make a comeback with her old blog, “The Tig.” The Duchess of Sussex, aged 41, closed the lifestyle website in 2017 after announcing her engagement to Prince Harry. According to a document filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and reported by The Post, a rebooted version of the blog would contain articles and interviews on various topics as reported by the New York Post.

These topics include food, cooking, recipes, travel, relationships, fashion, style, interior design, lifestyle, the arts, culture, design, conscious living, health, and wellness.

Although there is no set relaunch date for the site, it could go live as early as next week, according to the Mirror.

When “The Tig” was initially closed before the couple’s marriage, a source close to Meghan denied to People that the royal family disapproved of her writing.

In April 2017, the mother of two wrote a farewell note on the blog titled “The Tig: Farewell, Darling,” officially closing that chapter of her life.


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Photo: Facebook / @Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

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