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Expect Significant Fuel Price Surge for South Africans in February



increase in fuel prices

South Africans should prepare for an increase in fuel prices in February, as the Automobile Association (AA) reported.

The recent period of relief from fuel price increases is drawing to a close, signalling higher costs ahead, cautioned the AA.

The projected increase will range between R0.64 and R0.66 per litre for 93LP and 95LP petrol variants. Diesel prices will also climb by R0.63 per litre and paraffin by R0.47 per litre.

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“With these figures in mind, the price of 95ULP inland is set to escalate from its current rate of R22.49 per litre to R23.15 per litre, while 93ULP inland will rise from R22.17 per litre to R22.81 per litre. We strongly advise consumers to closely monitor their fuel consumption and adjust their budgets accordingly in light of the impending fuel price adjustments, which will take effect next Wednesday,” stated the AA.


Motorists should manage their fuel consumption habits and adjust their financial plans as the new prices come into effect next Wednesday.

Source: South Africans to experience significant fuel price surge in February

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