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Johannesburg City Power Reports 2,300 Cable Theft Incidents in the Past Year



2300 incidents of cable theft and vandalism since last year

City Power recorded 2300 incidents of cable theft and vandalism since last year, highlighting the magnitude of the power utility’s problem. According to Eyewitness News, these criminal acts have led to significant challenges in providing uninterrupted power supply services, leaving customers in the dark for extended periods.

Repairing the frequently damaged infrastructure, deemed too costly to address immediately, remains a pressing concern for City Power. Despite efforts to combat this issue, including improved security measures and patrols around sub-stations, the persistence of cable theft continues to impact power supply reliability.

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Over the past six days alone, since the start of the 2023/2024 financial year, City Power has reported approximately 14 new incidents of cable theft and vandalism across the city, underscoring the ongoing nature of the problem. While there have been 278 arrests, the utility acknowledges that some customers may still experience power supply issues due to this pervasive issue.

City Power remains committed to addressing cable theft as one of its top priorities, as it significantly hampers its ability to provide uninterrupted power services and has substantial financial implications.


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