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City Power to Intensify Metal Scrapyard Raids in the Fight Against Copper Cable Theft



City Power will intensify metal scrapyard raids

City Power will intensify metal scrapyard raids as part of its ongoing efforts to combat copper cable theft and vandalism. According to The City of Johannesburg, this decision comes in the wake of a recent successful raid in Alexandra, resulting in the arrest of two alleged scrap metal managers and the seizure of 34kg of shiny copper cables.

The joint multidisciplinary operation, conducted by the City Power Security Risk Management Team and the South African Police Service (SAPS), aims to tackle the prevalent problem of cable theft, which has plagued the city and posed significant challenges to the uninterrupted power supply to residents. Criminals frequently target copper cables, valued commodities in illicit markets and scrap metal yards due to their ease of theft and high resale value.

City Power emphasises that these raids are integral to its comprehensive security strategy to safeguard the city’s electricity grid. By focusing on intelligence gathering, prevention, and successful apprehension and prosecution of suspects, City Power aims to reduce essential infrastructure crimes and mitigate revenue losses.

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The magnitude of the issue is evident from recent statistics. City Power has reported 14 incidents of copper cable theft and vandalism across Johannesburg in the past week alone. Such incidents have been a persistent concern, with over 2,000 similar cases recorded during the 2022/23 financial year, leading to approximately 278 arrests.


In light of this ongoing problem, City Power calls on residents to remain vigilant and actively combat cable theft and vandalism. They are urged to report any instances of cable theft, vandalism, or suspicious activities related to electrical infrastructure by calling the dedicated hotline at 0800 116 166, sending a WhatsApp message to 083 579 4497, or contacting the South African Police Services (SAPS) at 10111. Community involvement and prompt reporting are crucial in assisting law enforcement agencies and City Power in their collective efforts to curb these crimes.

City Power’s intensified scrapyard metal raids and collaborative actions underscore their commitment to maintaining a safe and reliable power supply for the residents of Johannesburg. By targeting the root cause of cable theft and working hand-in-hand with law enforcement, City Power strives to preserve essential infrastructure, protect revenue streams, and enhance the community’s overall well-being.

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