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ANC Takes Inspiration from China’s Development Model Amid Xinjiang Seminar



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The African National Congress (ANC) has expressed its intention to draw lessons from the development of China and its poverty alleviation achievements, aiming to apply similar strategies in South Africa. IOL reports that Dakota Legoete, an ANC national executive committee member, made these remarks during a seminar on Xinjiang hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Pretoria.

Legoete highlighted that China’s efforts under President Xi Jinping have led to significant economic and social development advancements, ethnic unity, cultural preservation, and religious freedom for ethnic minorities. He highlighted the fight against poverty in Xinjiang, showcasing remarkable achievements and celebrating cultural diversity.

Despite allegations of crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, the ANC delegation highlighted the positive aspects of the region’s development, challenging Western media narratives. Legoete linked South Africa’s history of colonialism and apartheid to China’s experience, emphasising the shared goal of building a united nation with diversity.

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At the seminar was Zumrat Obul, the chairperson of the People’s Congress of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. She provided insights into Xinjiang’s progress. Obul stated that over three million residents have been lifted out of poverty. She stressed efforts to protect freedom of religious belief, citing the Chinese government’s commitment to respecting and safeguarding these rights.


Chinese Ambassador to South Africa, Chen Xiaodong, praised the positive reception of Xinjiang’s development by South African representatives, underlining the harmony among ethnic groups and religions in the region. He criticised Western narratives, alleging that reports of forced labour and genocide aim to mislead the world.

The ANC’s engagement with China’s development model reflects a growing trend of African nations seeking partnerships and drawing inspiration from China’s experiences to address their socioeconomic challenges.

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