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Arrest Made in Glenvista for Alleged Sexual Assault



The suspect who was arrested for sexual assault.

On the 17th of August, an incident of significant concern unfolded in Glenvista, as Fox Security promptly apprehended a suspect on charges of sexual assault. The events leading to this apprehension shed light on a disturbing sequence of actions.

Francois Jansen, the Operations Director of Fox Security, recounted the unfolding of events. It was within the confines of a client’s residence that an alarming incident occurred, prompting Fox Security’s involvement. The Fox control room received notification about a suspect who was alleged to have committed a sexual assault against a domestic helper within the residence.

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According to Jansen’s account, the domestic helper revealed that she was confronted by an unexpected and horrifying encounter upon entering the house. Without warning, the suspect forcibly grabbed her and subdued her with a knife, proceeding to remove her clothes forcibly. The victim’s immediate response was to emit piercing screams, which in turn led to the perpetrator fleeing the premises, presumably to escape the consequences of his actions.

In the aftermath of the harrowing ordeal, swift action was taken to apprehend the perpetrator. The community and the Fox Tactical Unit joined forces to pursue the suspect. Their collective efforts culminated in a determined chase that spanned multiple streets. Ultimately, the outcome was successful, as this collaborative endeavour successfully caught and restrained the suspect.


The intricate web of events in this incident starkly highlights the swift and coordinated response of Fox Security. This response underscored their commitment to maintaining safety and justice within the community. The immediate mobilisation of the community member and the specialised Fox Tactical Unit exemplified the significance of collaborative efforts in swiftly bringing an alleged offender to justice. Amidst these actions, the victim’s distressing experience stands as a sobering reminder of the urgent need to address safety and security issues.

The incident in Glenvista serves as a testament to both the capacity of security services and the community’s resilience in responding to potential threats. The operation was characterised by efficient communication and action, guided by the shared goal of ensuring safety and upholding justice.

Source: Man arrested for sexual assault in Glenvista

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Photo: Supplied by the Alberton Record

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