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Mabopane-Pretoria Train Service Resumes



Metrorail at the Hercules derailment site working to ensure that the rail line is safe. Photo: Facebook

Gauteng Metrorail has successfully reinstated the train service between Mabopane and Pretoria. This vital connection had been disrupted due to a derailment at Hercules station in the northern region of Pretoria last week.

With the resilience that defines their service, peak morning and afternoon trains along the Mabopane and Dewildt corridor have commenced their journeys again, resuming operations as of Friday afternoon.

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To facilitate the smooth continuation of travel while the aftermath of the incident is addressed, the passenger rail operator has made prudent adjustments to the train schedule. This temporary adaptation will remain in effect until the derailment site is thoroughly cleared, although a specific timeline for this completion has yet to be confirmed.

In a demonstration of their commitment to ensuring commuter accessibility, Metrorail has proactively implemented an interim solution. They will be deploying train shuttles to bridge the gap in connectivity between Pretoria and Hercules, an arrangement that will persist until further notice.


Reflecting on the service restoration, Tshireletso Nchupang, a commuter hailing from Wolmerton, conveyed his relief and contentment. The recent suspension had significantly disrupted his routine, making him appreciate the convenience now provided by Metrorail’s shuttle services. He remarked, “As a train commuter, I don’t have to worry now about spending money on other modes of transport as Metrorail has provided train shuttles for us to use during this period.”

Thabang Mofokeng, a resident of Mabopane, echoed a similar sentiment, expressing the challenges he and his children encountered when the train service was halted. Finding alternative options proved financially burdensome for him and many others who rely on this mode of transportation for daily commutes. However, Mofokeng noted a hesitancy among fellow commuters to revert to their train journeys, attributing this reluctance to the altered timetable’s potential to cause delays in reaching their workplaces.

Metrorail is taking proactive steps to ensure the seamless dissemination of information, encouraging all commuters to consult the amended timetable available on their social media platforms. This diligent communication strategy underscores their dedication to keeping passengers informed and empowered as they navigate the restored train service.

The collaborative efforts of Gauteng Metrorail have resulted in the resumption of an essential rail link between Mabopane and Pretoria. While acknowledging the challenges posed by the recent disruption, the deployment of train shuttles and communication initiatives like the amended timetable highlight Metrorail’s unwavering commitment to providing safe and efficient transportation solutions for their valued commuters.

Source: Mabopane-Pta train service resumes after derailment


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