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Mayor Takes Measures to Secure Joburg Explosion Site as Curious Onlookers Gather



Barricades around the Johannesburg explosion site

Barricades around the Johannesburg explosion site didn’t deter hundreds of residents from flocking to the area on Thursday morning, with some rushing through while many remained as onlookers.

A police officer, using a megaphone, persistently warned the crowds to disperse, stressing that they should not be at the “crime scene,” unfortunately, many continued to ignore the message.

Amid the commotion, parents hurriedly escorted their young children past the area to ensure they reached school safely, as per IOL.

“We will have to use force if you do not take this message seriously,” the determined police officer reiterated as other officials moved in to push back the persistent crowds.

At a press briefing held alongside Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi, Joburg Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda expressed the criticality of securing the area, which remains an active crime scene.


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“We are trying to barricade this area so that we can prevent further possibilities of the incident from taking place. I am very much confident and I hope that the residents are as well in the capabilities of our administration and the law enforcement agencies that are on the ground,” said Gwamanda.

He added, “The JRA (Joburg Roads Agency) has been very efficient in identifying the areas that need to be quarantined and in redirecting traffic so that we can ensure that economic activity can continue in the City of Johannesburg.”

Despite the efforts to control the situation, Gwamanda made a heartfelt appeal to Joburg residents to comply with the directives of the police and avoid flocking to the area where the explosion occurred, as public safety remains their utmost priority.

In the aftermath of the massive explosion on Wednesday in Johannesburg’s city centre, Egoli Gas confirmed a “small leak” in its servitude pipeline located at the intersection of Bree and Eloff on a 100-millimetre line.


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As servitude is a limited right that one entity has to use another’s property, Egoli Gas’s pipelines typically run along the sides of roads rather than in the centre, where the explosion occurred.

The company believes the road’s collapse caused the pipe crack and is working diligently to repair the leak.

Egoli Gas reassured that the pipeline running along the servitude of Bree Street has been examined and found undamaged, providing a semblance of relief amidst the ongoing investigation.

However, it’s worth noting that about 15 other utility lines, including a sewerage line, also run directly beneath the street, adding complexity to the assessment and repair process.


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