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Putin to Miss BRICS Summit in South Africa Due to ICC Warrant Concerns



Putin will skip the BRICS Summit in South Africa

In a recent announcement, the Presidency confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin will skip the BRICS Summit in South Africa. The office said this decision was reached ‘by mutual agreement.’ Instead of President Putin, Foreign Minister Mr Sergey Lavrov will represent the Russian Federation during the summit.

This update follows the International Criminal Court’s warrant issued for Putin’s alleged involvement in war crimes during the invasion of Ukraine. The ICC warrant poses a significant legal concern for South Africa, as the country must arrest any individual subject to an ICC warrant if they were to enter its borders.

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Given these circumstances, the decision of President Putin to forego the BRICS summit in South Africa is likely a diplomatic measure to avoid any potential legal implications. South African President Ramaphosa stated that the government had ‘obvious problems’ with executing an arrest warrant for Putin, as Russia has made it clear that the arrest of their President would be seen as a declaration of war against Russia. The ICC itself expressed concern over Russia’s nuclear threat following the arrest warrant, and South Africa has no intention or capability to engage in any form of conflict with Russia.

Source: Just in: Putin to skip BRICS summit in South Africa amid ICC warrant concerns


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