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Bedfordview Germiston SPCA Under Fire for Allegedly Euthanising Adoptable Animals



Bedfordview Germiston SPCA puts down animals identified for adoption

Animal lovers are outraged after allegations emerged that Bedfordview Germiston SPCA puts down animals identified for adoption. The allegations came after reports emerged that some animals had potential adopters but were still euthanised. According to residents, the SPCA’s Facebook page posted that dogs were up for adoption on May 1. Two residents responded to the call for adoption and visited the branch the following day to fill out adoption forms. However, they received information that the vet had already put down the animals.

This event sparked outrage among residents, who took to social media to voice their displeasure with the SPCA. Some residents also complained about their difficulties when trying to adopt animals. When the Bedfordview and Edenvale NEWS visited the facility on May 4, the front door was closed without any notice explaining the reasons for closure. After gaining access, resident Nada Nieuwoudt criticised the facility for putting down animals that “have a home” to go to.

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Another resident, Kim Jones, said she had been trying to adopt Rocky, posted on the SPCA’s Facebook page, for over two weeks. However, they brought the wrong dog from the kennel when she went to fetch Rocky. Jones also expressed concern that staff placed the wrong dogs in the kennels.

When approached for comment, the National SPCA, the Germiston, and Bedfordview SPCA acknowledged receipt of the media enquiry. The Germiston Bedfordview SPCA chairperson Roxanne Bredenkamp informed the NEWS that the branch would comment on the allegations made by residents by May 9. NSPCA spokesperson Keshvi Nair said the national department would revert or arrange for the relevant person to comment.


Animal lovers and residents in Germiston and Bedfordview call on the SPCA to review its policies on adopting animals and ensure that animals are not put down when people want to adopt them.

Source: Bedfordview Germiston SPCA accused of putting down animals identified for adoption

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