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Snake rescuer catches 23kg python, calls it unusual



KZN snake rescuer Nick Evans has made headlines for capturing a massive 23kg python measuring 3.3m in a residential area called Clare Estate in Durban, South Africa. The snake was found under barbwire in an area where these serpents are not commonly found, surprising the residents who never expected to see such a massive snake in their backyard as reported by Briefly.

After pictures and stories of the capture started circulating on social media, Nick decided to share the true story behind the viral photos. He explained that when he received the call, he thought the python might be someone’s pet, as it is common for pythons to be found in residential areas in South Africa. However, when he arrived on the scene, he quickly realized this was no ordinary snake.

Nick and his team struggled to remove the snake from the barbwire fence for some time. Despite some cuts and bruises, they eventually freed the beautiful python, which was unharmed. Nick later released the snake back into the wild, away from residential areas.

Nick’s snake rescues have gained him a large following on social media, and he regularly shares stories and pictures of his encounters with snakes in South Africa. His work is important in raising awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife and educating people about the proper way to handle snakes to avoid injury to humans and animals.

Photo: Facebook / @Nick Evans- Snake Rescuer

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