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Benoni SPCA Charity Shop Thrives with Loyal Support



Benoni SPCA Charity Shop

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of loyal supporters and generous sponsors, the Benoni SPCA charity shop experienced remarkable financial growth, reporting a significant increase in profit, reaching R1,023,855 compared to the previous year’s R803,183.

This encouraging news was unveiled during the 2022/23 Annual General Meeting held at the Benoni Lake Club on July 12.

Diane Wooldridge, the SPCA chairperson, expressed gratitude for the steady income received, enabling the organisation to weather the year’s challenges. She attributed their success to the invaluable support of the public, who contributed funds and essential items such as food, blankets, and other necessities.

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Wooldridge also took the opportunity to introduce two new team members, receptionist Cynthia Masango and cleaner Annah Nkosi, and extended her heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated committee and staff members. Additionally, she thanked generous donors, including Rotary, FNB, and others, for their instrumental assistance throughout the year.


While the charity shop celebrated their achievements, they faced the sad news of the resignation of their manager, Darryn Potgieter, who had been with them since September. Wooldridge remained optimistic, believing that the right successor would soon be found to fill the position.

The treasurer’s report, presented by Mark Stuart Downing, highlighted the remarkable growth in cash generated from operations, which increased from R141,633 to R374,705. However, there was a slight decrease in adoption income, totalling R151,350 compared to last year’s R180,178. Nevertheless, the society received substantial support from various sources, including R759,950 from donations, R46,510 from kennel sponsorship, and R71,331 from the medical room clinic. Boarding fees also saw a decline from R264,205 to R219,048.

Regarding animal welfare activities, Benoni SPCA Inspector Thomas Mohlake reported that the organisation addressed 366 cruelty complaints and successfully rescued 684 animals after hours. The dedicated team conducted 233 routine inspections at grooming parlours, hawking sites, pet shops, independent kennels, security companies, stable yards, animal exhibits, and zoos, ensuring the welfare of animals under their care.

Looking forward, the charity shop aims to enhance its facilities, seeking assistance from local businesses to upgrade the puppy isolation block and improve overall kennel conditions.

For those willing to support this noble cause, there are various ways to get involved. Becoming a MySchoolMyVillagePlanet beneficiary enables every swipe to contribute to the outreach program. Additionally, regular donations of R50 can help care for the animals, or individuals can sponsor a kennel with a contribution of R300 per month. All donations qualify for an S18A Tax Certificate, offering further incentives to support this vital organisation.


For further information or to contribute to the cause, interested parties can contact 011 894 2814/5 or email [email protected].

The Benoni SPCA charity shop’s remarkable financial growth and dedication to animal welfare are a testament to the unwavering support of their loyal backers and sponsors. As they face the challenges of personnel changes, they remain steadfast in their mission to protect and care for needy animals, urging the community to stand together in this compassionate endeavour.

Source: Good year for SPCA

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Photo: Supplied by Benoni City Times

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