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Resilient Local Racer Returns to the Track: A Triumph Amidst Challenges




Mimosa Park resident, Kobus van Straaten, has been making waves on the local oval track racing circuit, solidifying his name as a force to be reckoned with.

Having returned to the track early this year, he expressed that it felt like he had never left. In an interview with GCN, Kobus shared how tough it was not being able to race during the Covid pandemic but expressed his joy at being back on the track.

“Covid was tough on us racers because our sport requires us to be inside the car racing. So when I sold my car during Covid, I was sad, but I’m glad I could go back to it. It feels good to be back on the track, and I’m happy with my performance,” said Van Straaten.

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Racing runs in Kobus’s blood, with his mother having been an oval track racer. For him, getting behind the steering wheel was a natural decision, having grown up next to the track.


Oval track racing, a closed-circuit automobile racing on an oval-shaped track with a left-turn orientation, is the arena where Kobus thrives and excels.

Acknowledging the vital role of sponsors in his racing career, Kobus expressed his gratitude to Smeedy for their amazing and unwavering support. He emphasised that being a racer demands commitment and hard work, values he holds dear.

Since January, Kobus van Straaten has consistently secured podium finishes. At Rock Raceway, he claimed the top spot, and in the 1660 Tin Tips Club championship, he emerged victorious once again. Additionally, he achieved second place at the club championship and Randfontein’s Dirt track.

Regarding his numerous wins, Kobus attributed them to his dedication and passion for racing. “The wins are a bonus for hard work and passion. I love what I do, and being on the track is amazing. I will race as long as I can,” he affirmed.

Kobus van Straaten’s remarkable talent, determination, and unwavering passion for oval track racing have propelled him to great success. As he continues to thrive on the circuit, his achievements serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of a dedicated racer.


Source: Local race driver gets back on the track

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Photo: Supplied by Bedfordview Edenvale News

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