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Police Dispose of Thousands of Litres of Liquor in Tshwane



Police Dispose of Thousands of Litres of Liquor in Tshwane

The Tshwane police took significant action to combat illegal liquor sales, disposing of over seven-and-a-half thousand litres of liquor at the Daspoort wastewater treatment plant on the banks of the Apies River. This action followed successful operations between January and late July, during which the police confiscated liquor from non-compliant liquor outlets, particularly illegal shebeens.

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Tshwane police commissioner Major-General Azwanndini Nengovhela emphasised the importance of addressing the liquor issue and sending a strong message to the community. He called on businesses and individuals to refrain from illegal liquor sales, warning that any such liquor found would be confiscated and disposed of.

While the police clarified that they support legitimate trading and responsible alcohol use, they are determined to act appropriately when the country’s laws are violated.

The recent efforts against liquor law violations involved over 100 police members and crime prevention wardens who executed the disposal exercise. However, this is not the end of their commitment to enforcing liquor laws. The police stated that operations to discourage and hold accountable those who contravene the Liquor Act 59 of 2003 will continue.


Major-General Nengovhela commended the police officers and crime prevention wardens for their participation in the operations and urged them to maintain their dedication to this important cause.

The Tshwane police’s actions demonstrate their firm stance against illegal liquor sales and their commitment to ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Their efforts send a clear message to the community about the consequences of engaging in illegal liquor trading while promoting responsible alcohol use. The ongoing enforcement initiatives indicate their resolve to safeguard public safety and uphold the law regarding liquor sales in the region.

Source: Police dispose of thousands of litres of liquor

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