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Joburg mayor Kabelo Gwamanda fires back – Refutes qualifications inquiry with Steenhuisen comparison



black version of Steenhuisen

Newly-appointed Johannesburg Mayor, Kabelo Gwamanda, has vigorously responded to a journalist who inquired about his qualifications, asserting that he could be seen as the “black version of Steenhuisen,” about DA leader John Steenhuisen. According to IOL, the exchange occurred during an event for the City of Joburg at the Alexandra Stadium when the journalist asked Gwamanda about his educational background.

“I just want to get some clarification. What is your highest level of education? That is all,” the journalist inquired. Gwamanda swiftly retorted, “So, my question, as I reiterate, is what if I am the black version of Steenhuisen? Did you conduct an interview like this with him?”

The journalist pointed out that Steenhuisen has frequently answered questions about his highest level of education. Gwamanda chuckled in response and walked away.

Gwamanda’s qualifications came under the spotlight following a report by Carte Blanche, which alleged that he does not possess a Grade 12 certificate. The report claimed that his highest level of education is Grade 10. Additionally, he faces accusations of defrauding individuals through a funeral scheme.

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James de Villiers, the spokesperson for Action SA in Gauteng, stated that Gwamanda, who belongs to the smaller Al Jama-ah party, failed to appear at a press conference where he was supposed to explain. Later reports explained that his security detail was unavailable, resulting in his absence from the meeting.

Amid these controversies, Gwamanda has threatened to sue Mpho Phalatse, the former mayor of Johannesburg, for defamation, alleging that she was responsible for spreading fraudulent allegations against him.

Notably, DA leader John Steenhuisen’s qualifications have also faced scrutiny from the media.

Gwamanda’s tongue-in-cheek response to questions about his qualifications has sparked a mix of reactions on Twitter, with users sharing varying opinions and suspicions regarding the matter.

As the discussions around Gwamanda’s educational background continue, the Johannesburg mayor faces increasing scrutiny and speculation within public discourse.


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Picture: Twitter / tndaba

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