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Russian embassy strikes back – Responds to allegations of arms shipments



Russian embassy hit back over the arms ship allegations

The Russian embassy hit back over the arms ship allegations regarding the alleged loading of weapons onto a Russian ship in December 2022.

In a statement, the embassy expressed no surprise at Brigety’s claims, stating that the United States had “lost its ability to interact with partners on an equal basis long ago.” Jacaranda FM reports that the embassy criticised what it perceived as a coordinated campaign to pressure South Africa to influence its non-aligned stance on the Ukraine conflict, which did not align with the desires of the United States.

The Russian embassy questioned the logic behind the allegations, asking why Russia would require South African-produced arms and ammunition that did not match the types or calibres currently in service with the Russian armed forces. They also highlighted the insignificance of the alleged amount of arms and ammunition supposedly loaded onto the vessel, questioning how it could significantly impact the battlefield.

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The embassy further emphasised the need for Ambassador Brigety to address the issue of Western military supplies delivered to Ukraine since 2014, amounting to over $100 billion by 2023. They pointed out that these weapons were being used in attacks on cities in Donbas, as well as regions of Russia. In addition, they raised concerns about the potential for these weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists.


The statement highlighted US authorities’ double standards and hypocrisy in their approach to international affairs. The embassy criticised the selective silence of Ambassador Brigety regarding the actions of his country and its allies while focusing on unsubstantiated allegations against Russia.

The Russian embassy’s response reflects their rejection of the allegations made by Ambassador Brigety and their assertion that the United States is attempting to interfere in South Africa’s foreign policy decisions. The ongoing exchange of statements between the two nations highlights the tension and differing perspectives regarding the Ukraine conflict and the involvement of various countries in the region.

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