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Kunene dismisses Gwamanda’s education as irrelevant and cites divine anointment



Kunene said that Gwamanda's education is irrelevant

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader has come to the defence of the Johannesburg Mayor. According to Eyewitness News, Kunene said that Gwamanda’s education is irrelevant in response to recent scrutiny over his qualifications.

On Sunday’s investigative journalism TV programme Carte Blanche, a report revealed that Gwamanda might not have a matric certificate, with grade 10 being his highest qualification.

But Al-Jama-ah president Ganief Hendriks is adamant that Gwamanda completed his senior certificate and a national diploma in business.

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Kunene, however, argues that whether Gwamanda completed his matric is irrelevant, emphasising that it would not compromise his ability to lead South Africa’s economic hub. Kunene says, “When God has anointed you to be a leader, education can do nothing. We’ve had educated premiers, educated mayors, educated presidents, what did they do?”


Kunene further references other political leaders he believes were effective public servants despite not completing their studies. He points to President Jacob Zuma as an example, highlighting Zuma’s significant contributions as a leader and his role as a struggle hero, despite not having a formal education. Kunene also mentions Zuma’s efforts in building universities.

Additionally, Kunene mentions the African National Congress (ANC) vetted Gwamanda’s credentials. The ANC is the only party that can confirm whether he possesses a matric certificate.

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