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BMW Series 3 Petrol Price Comparison: Then and Now



Recent adjustments to petrol and diesel prices have come into effect, as The South African website reported. Petrol prices have decreased by 71 cents per litre, while diesel prices have decreased by 80-84 cents per litre.

The price of 95 Octane petrol stands at R22.63 per litre in inland regions. In comparison, four years ago, according to the Outlier Africa Instagram page, 95 Octane petrol cost R16.76 as reported by The South African.

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Despite the recent decrease, the current price remains R5.87 higher per litre than four years ago.

In June 2019, filling up the 59-litre tank of a BMW Series 3 in Gauteng and other inland regions used to cost R989. Today, the cost has risen to R1,335.


This represents an increase of a significant R346 every time the tank is filled.

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Photo by Luca Nardone

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