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Hilarious Earthquake Reactions Go Viral Across Mzansi



Hold onto your seats, folks, because Joburg experienced an earthquake on Sunday morning, and the Twitterverse responded with an explosion of side-splitting memes that had us rolling on the floor laughing. No one was safe from the hilarity, not even the infamous Thabo Bester or the ever-controversial Andile Mpisane!

According to the experts at South Africa’s Council for Geoscience (CGS), the epicentre of the earthquake was pinpointed in the Boksburg area, with a magnitude of 4.7 as reported by The South African. But netizens seized the opportunity to unleash their comedic genius instead of letting the tremor dampen their spirits.

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As soon as the earth stopped rumbling, Twitter exploded with a frenzy of memes that showcased Mzansi’s trademark sense of humour. We couldn’t help but chuckle at the creativity on display!

Here are just a few of the rib-tickling gems that had us doubled over in laughter:






The Twitterverse proved once again that laughter is the best medicine, even in the face of unexpected geological events. These memes brought people together, creating a sense of unity and humour during a slightly shaky moment.

So, next time the ground decides to do a little dance, remember to keep your smartphone handy and join in on the meme-fest. After all, a good laugh is the ultimate cure for earthquake blues! #QuakeMemes


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Photo: Twitter / @MalaPrincesss

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