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Brakpan Bowling Club Left Bare After Devastating Fire



Brakpan Bowling Club

Historic Brakpan Bowling Club, which was ravaged by a fire in March, has now fallen victim to looting and has been stripped of its valuable features.

With a rich history dating back to 1919, the bowling club had been a cherished establishment in the town, attracting numerous bowlers over the years.

It is believed that individuals residing in the building were responsible for starting the fire. Sadly, the club has been neglected since its closure approximately six years ago.

Efforts were made by the Community Policing Forum (CPF), South African Police Service (SAPS), and ward councillors to patrol the area and prevent looting in the aftermath of the blase. However, their endeavours proved futile as reports of people looting valuable infrastructure emerged on a daily basis.

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In the span of a few months, the building has been almost entirely stripped bare. Window frames, the corrugated iron roof, gates, pipes, and cables have been carried away, leaving behind a desolate shell.

As the thieves continue their plundering, the steel support beams beneath the floor are gradually being exposed, raising concerns that the floor may collapse, posing a risk to the thieves’ safety.

Compounding the issue is the lack of prosecution possibilities, as no one has come forward to press criminal charges against the thieves for their theft.

Regrettably, the Brakpan Bowling Club and the surrounding grounds have become yet another casualty of vandalism and theft, joining the ranks of the decimated Brakpan Tennis Club, the old Brakpan Library, the Casbah Roadhouse, and other once-prominent local landmarks.

Source: Burned down bowling club stripped bare


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Photo: Supplied by Brakpan Herald

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