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Soweto Marathon Defies Cancellation Claims Proceeds as Planned



South African marathon runners -Photo: Facebook / @eNCAnews

The Central Gauteng Athletics has confirmed that the highly anticipated Soweto Marathon will proceed as scheduled in November, debunking recent reports of its cancellation. Speculation about cancelling the 2023 edition arose following the circulation of a statement purportedly released by suspended individuals as reported by ENCA.

Last year, a controversy surrounding broadcast rights during the Soweto Marathon led to the suspension of three members of the Soweto Marathon Trust, including its chairperson, Sello Khunou. As a result, Athletics South Africa took action and suspended these individuals from their positions. This move aimed to address the issues that had arisen and ensure transparency and fairness in the marathon’s management.

However, this recent statement claiming the cancellation of the Soweto Marathon appears to have originated from the suspended individuals. It is important to note that their suspension indicates a lack of authority to make official decisions regarding the marathon.

The Central Gauteng Athletics, responsible for overseeing regional athletics events, has clarified that the Soweto Marathon will proceed as planned. The marathon holds significant cultural and sporting importance, attracting participants and spectators from all over the country and beyond.

Organisers and stakeholders are working diligently to ensure the smooth execution of the event. They understand the value and impact of the Soweto Marathon and are committed to upholding its legacy. Participants can look forward to an exciting and well-organised race experience featuring the vibrant spirit and community engagement for which the Soweto Marathon is renowned.


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With the confirmation of the marathon’s continuation, athletes, running enthusiasts, and the Soweto community can eagerly anticipate another memorable edition of this prestigious event. The Soweto Marathon serves not only as a challenging race but also as a celebration of the vibrant community spirit and rich cultural heritage that Soweto embodies.

As preparations are underway, the organisers will ensure that all necessary measures are implemented to prioritise the safety and well-being of participants, staff, and spectators. Adhering to relevant health and safety protocols will be key to the event’s planning and execution.

The Soweto Marathon holds a special place in the hearts of many, symbolising unity, resilience, and the pursuit of personal achievements. It remains a cherished tradition that brings together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the joy of running and the spirit of Soweto.

As the race day approaches, the anticipation and excitement will continue to build. The Central Gauteng Athletics and all involved parties are fully dedicated to delivering an exceptional event that showcases the beauty of Soweto and highlights the incredible talent and determination of the participants.


The Soweto Marathon remains an iconic fixture on the South African sporting calendar, and its continuation ensures that the legacy of this historic event endures for years to come.

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Photo: Facebook / @eNCAnews

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